Bamboo and trader

There is a tree called bamboo, it has a great difference from most trees, when it grows it does it in a different way.

What makes bamboo similar to a good trader?

Almost all the trees grow continuously over the years, while bamboo does not leave the ground for more or less four years. Later in the fifth year, something spectacular happens and it begins to grow at an enormous rate.

This is appreciated given that in just five weeks, the bamboo reaches up to 20 meters in height, this appreciation seems as if the growth could be seen with the naked eye, but during that time it must have been watered, fertilized, etc.

This type of tree and the trader reflection.

Life itself, or in the case that trading treats us many times works in a similar way.
The trader can be trading for a long time, weeks, months or even years, without seeing any progress in his strategy or in his account and then everything changes, he starts to make amazing returns, and everything seems to be wonderful.

To find a good strategy, but in trading you have to keep your feet on the ground and go little by little, you have to take this reference from bamboo to think about not being in a hurry and continually train, not believing that it is the last chance to enter in the market.

The market never ends, only money ends to be able to be in it.

It must be very clear that the markets have their own characteristics, such as the systems or strategies selected to operate, there is no system that behaves equally well in any market.

Trader analysis

It is as simple as seeing if u trend strategy is being used, until the market behaves in that way, it will not work, which if it can be achieved is to have greater stability, that it operates very little or even not at all.

That is the great difficulty in designing and implementing the trading system, to be confident in it and that when the market accompanies, the benefits are obtained, the same happens in anti-trend systems or those that benefit from lateral movements.

The moment of development as a trader

Once the roots are well consolidated, it will be when we will begin to grow as traders and succeed exponentially, slowly but surely, there is no one who is always right in trading, but there are specialists who know how to measure their risk and therefore they succeed.

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