You have to become the Trading Chameleon

The trader with his operations in the markets has to be dynamic and adaptive, he has to insert himself in the environment and in the movements that are taking place and not go against them, no matter how good the strategy might have been in the past.

Having a strategy that yields benefits in the situation of the specific market, can trigger that over time it begins to fail and it must be adapted to the market with different filters.

Is it necessary to change the trading strategy?

The trader has to be like a chameleon, but over time and not knowing how to adapt to changes, he will fail, among the most frequent changes are volatility and volume that affect the previously studied ranges.

Especially in channel rupture strategies, average crossovers or gap closures. With a positive fund, you may be losing, and the system is not bad, you just have to regulate the patterns, objectives or risk.

Does it help to have an automated trading system?

With the automation of the systems, and knowing in a similar environment in the past how it has behaved and being able to extrapolate these equality factors to the present moment, with well-studied optimizations of momentum analysis, we can obtain great success in our investments.

The historical data provided by the brokers on the different platforms should be used to see the consistency of the system, the rest is achieved with perseverance and discipline, which are the keys of the professional investor “TRADING CHAMELEON”.

This is due to the constant change that occurs in the markets, the value with which the markets are currently operating is not the same as that with which it operated five years ago, having objectives based on the past.

They may be very different from what you would have to look for in current listing prices.

Is it necessary to adapt the trading strategy?

Changes in volatility, everything is a one, that is why it is necessary to adapt the system or strategy to the movements closest to reality, without over-optimizing.

Because it could occur when only the current movements are being replicated and at the slightest change back to past movements, the strategy used would be a failure.

Objective of the trader, to become a chameleon in the markets

The ideal would be to have a system that could determine the correct movements in all stages and forms of markets, operating and throwing entries with signals only when the correct movements occurred and discarding possible failed entries.

That is a true positive trading system, which can be achieved with the right filters and by combining different strategies, to achieve trading success.

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