What is Financial Coaching?

Financial coaching in the times we live in is important to evaluate

where we are? And as a cause, where do we want to go?

You have to learn everything possible about it, because success or failure in the current times of life is about it.

Reflection on trading applied to Coaching

We are turning on a wheel of consumerism because it does not allow us to see beyond a reflection that had been raised since the time of wanting a good training and a master’s degree.

As a result of thinking about what would be the best way to be successful and rich.

But not far from this reasoning, a question should be asked of someone objective.

If you ask a teenager:

  1. What do you want to be when you grow up? And most of them will tell you to be rich and then you have to ask them
  2. who is rich? end up naming rock stars, actors, athletes.

Does the trader need a coach?

Of which there are many of them who do not even have basic studies, for this reason they could reflect on why we are instilling study,

To go to university in order to have a good job and be rich, it is not an antagonism all of it in itself.

At present the prepared university students are a minority.

Those who reach this goal, most of them stay working for a discreet salary, without or very little substantial promotions in their career.

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