Technical analysis or chartists analysis consist of the interpretation of the graphics formed by the quotations on the prices of the underlying different.

Chartismo requires the ability to identify the different figures formed, common to all traders, the difficulty is to detect and correct evolution, example of forming head and shoulders, triangles, flags, doji, etc …

Attached to the technical analysis is statistical, for the times that are repeated and the degree of accuracy that carry rigged. It depends on different compressions graphics, underlying, determine the best tickets and discard those that have less mathematical probability, coupled with the correct size to not be levered above the ideal profile of trading.

Technical analysis or charting, carries even own interpretation of each trader, this is because the same prices graphed, each can have different interpretations, so changing a single parameter, and some take the position of buying and other sell, and consider that both are right, why markets work.

There are plenty of indicators and oscillators, which help in decision-making and even for more advanced traders trading indicators themselves are created, in search of a better trading. Normally indicators are followers of market trend, the difficulty lies in lateral market movements, usually when drawdowns or periods of losses.

On the other hand there is the fundamental analysis, which is based on determining the intrinsic value of businesses or markets. As with the technician serves to help take market positions both input and output.

In fundamental analysis can be differentiated macroeconomic factors, the sector where the company is located, and intrinsic.

Macroeconomic, encompass the situation in the country, GDP, imports and exports, and values of this kind.

Analysis of the business sector and its future expectations, skills, etc …

And finally the interpretation and own assessment of the company, market quotations, reports and annual reports, balance sheets etc …

In trading, there are two types of analysis for taking positions, both have their supporters and detractors generally the trading conducted with technical analysis is employed by more active traders a shorter period of time, and against fundamental analysis is a quieter generally used in investments longer term trading.