Programs or software trading, will allow us to perform a technical analysis and control quotes markets, stocks, or currencies, joined them, there are tools that help us interpret, with objects, to mark the guidelines of markets , trends, draw channels, etc …

In turn default have indicators used by almost all traders, showing specific information, such as simple or exponential averages, periods of overbought or oversold, indices of relative strength RSI, Bollinger Bands, Parabolic SAR, ” see in details related “article or oscillators like MACD, Stocástico, etc.

Even if we set create own indicators that identify the patterns that we want to identify with customizable workspaces.

Today there are plenty of programs for this purpose, among the most used by traders, include Metatrader, Tradestation, Visualchart, each broker when opening the account provides the tools it considers most appropriate for trading operations with him.

It is up to the trader to select one or the other, the more comfortable you feel and better identify point out, generally often provide a web version to operate from any computer without installing any software on your computer and others require local installation to function, it is clear that both will require internet connection, to have the data updated to the second and to launch orders to the market.

Importantly, there are platforms that make us part of the contributions of the moment, a history of past contributions, much needed for the study and analysis of investment strategies or trading systems, and power and see how they had behaved in periods different from today, with another volatility, price quotations, in periods of recession or expansion, lateral movements, etc …

In trading is necessary to consider this point of technical analysis, the movements in the stock market always have a reason and if known and control the largest number of possibilities of these softwares trading will allow us to have chances to win in the market .

All decisions are taken must be based on a previous analysis.

Software trading we have indicated, include the ability to program trading strategies, to see the behavior in the past, or to step forward and be able to execute orders in an automated manner without the need to be at your computer for into the marketplace resulting in trading algorithms or automatic trading systems.