Psychology in trading applied to day trading systems to day is becoming more important among traders, and are realizing that it is the most important points to be addressed if you want to become a real investor to hold on the market, and not die trying.

There are many books that cover this topic with different nuances, but the most important thing is to know a trader, is to allocate enough time to meet and know their behavior before the different situations that can occur in your career as a trader.

You have to think both success and failure in the positions taken by a lack of discipline and human control, both can be disastrous in daily trading.

The example is very simple if it succeeds, human beings tend to be confident and increase your risk, and if the pressure is failure will lose confidence in oneself and in the investment strategy employed, may be correct and be in a period acceptable drawdown within the investment system employed.

Knowing the behavior that conduct is necessary, but you can not know a priori, an estimate may be made after carefully analyzed the trader, but the experience will be what all the guidelines put in place.

For this reason it is advisable to start investing with a capital that is comfortable and have patience, to know deeply. If the strategy is successful it will always be able to gradually expand.

The market is never finished, that is why the rush in trading are nothing good, the only thing that can lead to a disaster in the account that has escaped any factor affecting operational. And if no capital to invest may not check.

Be aware that everyone does not serve to be a professional trader, not having the qualities and skills needed, and not knowing withstand the pressure that this entails, but with training and interest if you can outline to be an investor and have yields interesting to know each other and know the actual goals you want and can achieve.

Continuing education has to be the fundamental premise, and more in psychology applied to trading and perform periodic analysis of the individual, since over time change and not always is the same way, to deal decision making external factors can also affect the person, the more pressure, family problems, make commitments to allocate greater mental effort, etc.