Short, medium and long term, the trader needs to identify the tightest your personality strategy and you feel comfortable, to respect fully.

The use of different time frames provides greater diversification, scoring goals in different periods of time, they have to be as real as possible, otherwise, will lead to failure of the strategy with the psychological condition of the trader.

The time periods or time frames in trading are determined by the investor for a long term can be a year or more and for other week, will depend on the personality of the investor and the way they operate.

By default in general terms, the short term was cataloged daily charts, medium-term and long-weekly to weekly.

Analyzing an underlying long-term provides a general analysis, based on using moving averages close to 200 values, media environments provide progress and setbacks, maximum and minimum values, trends, etc.

Finally the short term translates into operational, placement of orders input and output indicators based on short time as volatildad, moments of breaks overbought or oversold.